LiteSteel™ Beam

What is LSB®


LiteSteel Beam is a revolutionary new product that was developed in response to the demand for a light structural beam with the strength of steel but with the installation workability normally associated with wood products. LSB is a structural beam suitable for use in both wood and steel framed residential and light commercial construction projects. It can be used in a variety of applications including floor and bearer beams, basement beams, garage beams, long span headers and lintels, roof and ridge beams, fascia, and mezzanine flooring.




LSB is on average 40% lighter than hot rolled steel or engineered wood. When you weigh the total installed cost it can save significant time and money by eliminating the need for a crane and other expensive handling equipment.




LiteSteelBeam provides equal load bearing capacity with weights on average 40% lighter when compared to engineered wood or hot rolled steel beams of equal length.



Easy Workability:


Easy to install:


LSB is easy to install. Standard bolts and self-drilling screws are ideal for fastening LSB. LSB is compatible with a range of standard fittings including cleats, brackets, and joist hangers. Consult the installation guide for recommendations.


Easy to cut:


A handheld circular saw with steel cutting saw blades can cut through LSB as easy as cutting through wood.


Easy to drill:


LSB is easy to drill using standard professional drill guns. Metal cutting step or twist drill bits are ideal. Consult the installation guide for recommendations.


Easy to nail:


With a professional pneumatic nail gun you can nail wood and other building products to LSB. Consult the installation guide for recommendations.


Easy to weld:


Generally the above methods of connection are more convenient than welding. However, if required like other steel structural beams LSB can be welded using manual metal, gas metal or flux cores arc welding.

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