Panel Construction
AraucoPly Panels are manufactured from 100% Radiata Pine and utilize the latest plywood production technology available.

High Quality
AraucoPly Panels meet all of the most important worldwide industrial manufacturing standards for plywood. AraucoPly is manufactured with composed cores and minimal internal voids. Arauco's high-grade faces have very few defects or patches and are sanded to provide an excellent surface for finishing. All panels are laid up with exterior phenolic glue for maximum adhesion and water repellency.

Lightweight and Excellent Machinability
AraucoPly offers excellent workability due to its light weight, reduced sap content, and homogenous internal composition. The solidity and light color of its faces make an ideal surface for painting and other finishes.

The uses for AraucoPly are limited only by the imagination. It is equally useful for interior and exterior applications such as sheathing, underlayment, DIY projects, cabinetry and crating. Strong, lightweight, durable and cost-effective, it is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

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